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Firenze Glass


2x2'' Riace Rame Multicolor

Firenze Glass

Thanks to the ancient artistic skills of Firenze Glass craftsmen a perfect synthesis of material, light, color and trasperency has taken place. Melted glass, precious metal foils, soft texture. The changing feature of color depth. The transparencies of smooth surfaces. Bright light. Flashes. Tridimensional decoration effect.

These beautifully hand crafted decorated glass tile are available in the following sizes:

  • 1"x1"
  • 2"x2"
  • 4"x4"
  • 5/8"x8" listello
  • 1"3/8"x8" listello
  • 2"x8" listello

For additional info and quotes enquire here.

01 Oro
05 Oro Macchiato
07 Riace Oro

Firenze Glass #01 Oro

Firenze Glass #02 Argento

Firenze Glass # 05 Oro Macchiato

Firenze Glass #07 Riace Oro

08 Riace Argento
09 Riace Rame
10 Riace Rame Multicolor
11 Riace Oro Multicolor

Firenze Glass #08 Riace Argento

Firenze Glass #09 Riace Rame

Firenze Glass #10 Riace Rame Multicolor

Firenze Glass #11 Riace Oro Multicolor

12 Riace Viola
14 Riace Acquamarina
20 Piombo

Firenze Glass #12 Riace Viola

Firenze Glass #14 Riace Acquamarina

Firenze Glass #20 Piombo

1x1" 07 Riace Oro

1"x8" Listello 01 Oro

2"x8" Listello 14 Riace Acquamarina

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